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This Conference is a regular one in a series of alredy traditional International Conferences “Interaction of hydrogen isotopes with structural materials” (Sarov 2001, 2004, Saint-Petersburg 2007, Voronezh 2010). The conference has been given a status of International Conference (according to the decision of the 2th International Workshop (IHISM’04), this testifies to its popularity among scientists investigating structural materials and their interaction with hydrogen and hydrogen isotopes.

IHISM is intended to attract leading scientists in the field of hydrogen interactions as well as those who are beginners in the various fields dealing with hydrogen isotopes.

Surveys related to the Conference subject will be presented. Variety of issues in kinetics and thermodynamics of hydrogen isotopes interaction with solids will be discussed, including effects of radiogenic helium accumulation, hydrides and hydride transformations, structural transformations and mechanical properties, equipment and research techniques.